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MINIX on Obsolete Machines

SPC SCSI drivers for Minix

This package contains an experimental driver for SCSI adapters using FUJITSU
MB89352A aka SPC (SCSI protocol controller) for Minix 2.0.0.  Save the link
spc-b4.tar.Z (Minix 2.0.0) or spc-vmd.tar.gz (Minix-vmd 1.7.0) and follow
the instruction in README.

Minx for IBM PS/55 note

Patches here fix minor problems running Minix on IBM PS/55 model 5523S.
1. Patch to fix keyboard BIOS disability after running Minix in protected
  mode.  The patch is also known to help some PS/2 models to run in
  protected mode.
2. Floppy driver tuning.
Save the link 55n.tar.Z (Minix 2.0.0) or 55n-vmd.tar.gz (Minix-vmd 1.7.0)
and follow the instruction in README.
Patches to fix Minix-vmd Japanese keyboard driver is also here.

Minix 2.0.0 for TOSHIBA J-3100 GT

This package contains the driver for the proprietary hard disk and other
patches to run MINIX 2.0.0 on TOSHIBA ancient lap top J-3100 GT.  Save the
link gt-2.0.0.tar.Z and follow the instruction in README.

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